Texas Teen Driver's Ed Course

We provide an online teen driver's education courses in Houston, TX, with 14 hours (or more) of In-Car Instruction.  Our Houston driver's ed course is broken into three phases:
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    Online Course

    Take your 32 hours of classroom instruction through our online course.

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    Instructor Driving

    Take your 14 Hours of in-car instruction at our Katy Freeway Location

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    Parent Driving

    Drive an additional 30 hours with a Parent (or optionally with one of our instructors)

*You can apply for your permit after taking the first 6 hours of online classroom instruction and have passed the road rules and road signs exam.

Online Teen Driver's Education Packages

Bronze Package

  • 32 Hours of Online Instruction
  • 14 Hours In-Car w/Certified Instructor
  • Free DPS Written Exam
  • Drive Time In Smart Way Vehicle
  • 30 Hours of Parent Driving Required
  • *Fulfills In-Class Requirements
  • *Fulfills School Driving Requirements
Online Course
14 Hours In-Car
Silver Package

  • 32 Hours of Online Instruction
  • 24 Hours of In-Car w/Certified Instructor
  • Free DPS Written Exam
  • Drive Time In Smart Way Vehicle
  • 20 Hours of Parent Driving Required
  • *Fulfills In-Class Requirements
  • *Less Driving For Parent
Online Course
24 Hours In-Car
Gold Package

  • 32 Hours of Online Instruction
  • 44 Hours In-Car w/Certified Instructor
  • Free DPS Written Exam
  • Drive Time In Smart Way Vehicle
  • 0 Hours of Parent Driving Required
  • *Fulfills In-Class Requirements
  • *Fulfills ALL Driving Requirements
Online Course
44 Hours In-Car
Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Only

  • Driving with a Professional Instructor
  • 4 Hours Behind-The-Wheel Training
  • State Certified Instructor
  • Drive time in Smart Way Vehicle
  • *Does not include Online Course
4 Hours Driving

Course Information

  • Free Written Learners Permit Exam Included
  • TDLR State Approved
  • 32 Hours of Online Classroom Instruction
  • 14 Hours of In-Car Instruction (Additional Hours Available)

Student Eligibility

In order to take the teen driver's education program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be 14-17 years old.
  • May start the course at 14 but cannot obtain permit until 15.
  • Must obtain Verification of Enrollment from school.
  • Must be a Texas resident.

Want To Transfer From a Parent Taught Course or Another School?

If you have your permit, or have completed the 32 hours of classroom instruction, you can now transfer from a parent taught classroom course (or other course) to finish your In-Car training with one of our instructors.

  • Behind The Wheel Instruction
  • Professional In Car Instructor
  • Prepare For Driving Test
  • Meets State Requiremetns for Behind The Wheel Instruction Time

If you are interested in transferring, please call:

Driver's Ed Program Overview

This course covers the state-required 32 hours of classroom education and 14 Hours of in-car instruction. You will be required to complete an additional 30 hours behind the wheel with a parent or instructor outside the course.

  • Once you complete the first 6 hours of your online course, you are eligible to take our online DPS exam for your driver's permit. You have an unlimited number of times to take the exam.
  • Online Instruction will present the material in a fun and easy way through the use of animations, videos, and interactive slides.
  • After receiving your permit, you may begin the behind-the-wheel instruction.
  • The in-car instruction will be 14 total hours broken down into 7 hours of behind-the-wheel training and 7 hours of observation.
  • Complete all classroom and in-car instruction, and you can then complete 30 hours of behind-the-wheel practice at home.
  • Once you are 16 years old, have completed all the above requirements, and have had your permit for at least six months you are eligible to take the Texas Drivers Skills Test at the DPS

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What You Will Learn

Below you will find some of the key topics that will be covered during this course.

  • Traffic Laws and Procedures

  • Vehicle Maneuvers and Control

  • Traffic Control Devices

  • How to Share the Road With Others

  • Occupant Protection

  • Handling Adverse Weather While Driving

  • Vehicle Ownership

  • How to Handle Emergencies

  • Handling Emotions and Driving

  • Space Management

  • Environmental Characteristics

  • Environmental Risk Factors

  • Distractions While Driving

  • How to Handle Emergencies

  • Vehicle Maintenence

  • Vehicle Malfunctions

Steps To Take Driver's Ed

6 Easy Steps to Complete Your In-Person Driver's Ed

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