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Learn to Drive

Online Class Instruction

Online Class Instruction

Free Written Test

Free Written Test

Adult and Teen Courses

Adult and Teen Courses Available


Are You Ready?

Are you ready to start driving?  Teens, get your permit after the first 6 hours of classroom instruction!  We currently offer multiple classes to meet your needs, from in-person, online, teen, and adult classes.  Not sure which course to choose?  Click below to view descriptions for each course.


Our Teen Drivers Ed Course

Our PTDE course is state certified by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

Online Class

32 Hours of Online Classroom Instruction

In Car

14 Hours of In-Car Instruction

In-Course Written Test

We include the in-course written test.  Skip the DPS!



Teen Online + In-Car

Take your your state-required 32 Hours of classroom instruction online through our interactive driving education course. Once you get your permit, you may begin your in-car instruction with one of our professional driving instructors.


Teen Online w/Parent

You may take the required 32 hours of classroom instruction through our Parent-Taught Online Course with your parent. Once you have completed the online portion of the course, you may transfer to our In-Car instruction.


Transfer From PTDE

Have you already taken the online parent taugth course with another provider, and you would now like to complete the in-car portion with a professional instructor?  Give us a call at 713-465-0042 to trasnfer to our in-car course.


Adult 18-24 Online Course

Are you 18-24 years old and need your license? You can take our adult driver's education course, which is only 6 hours of online instruction. After completing the course, you can go directly to the DPS offices for your driving test.


Adult 18-24 Course + 2 Hours Driving

Do you feel like you would like some additional behind-the-well instruction? Take our online course, plus 2 hours of in-car instruction by one of our licensed professional instructors.


Driving Safety Course

Our online driving safety course (defensive driving) is approved for ticket dismissal or can be used as an additional 5 hours of online driving safety training. This course is provided through our sister company "Comedy Driving."

99.9% of Our Students Pass the Driving Test on

Their First Try
Choose Your Course


Which Driving Education Course Do I Need?

We offer several types of courses for you to get your license.  Please find a description for each below:

If you are under the age of 18, these courses are available to you.  You may choose the one that fits your personal preference:

  1.  Teen In-Person -   This course is in a classroom setting for the required 32 hours of instruction, then you will be in a car with an instructor for an additional 14 hours.
  2. Teen Online + In-Car -  You may take the 32 hours of instruction online with your parent as your instructor.  Then you will take the 14 hours of driving in-car with one of our instructors.
  3. Teen Online Only - This is our parent-taught driver's education course.  You will take the 32 hours of instruction online with your parent as your instructor.  You will then be in-car for the required 14 hours of driving with your parent as the instructor.
  4. Driving Safety Course - This optional 6-hour course covers driving safety/defensive driving techniques.  This course is not required to get your license.

If you are 18-24 Years old, these are the courses available to you:

  1.  Adult 18-24 Online Course - This is an online course that you may take to prepare you for the driving test.
  2. Adult 18-24 Online Course + 2 Hours Driving - This is our online course, plus you get 2 hours of in-car driving with one of our professional instructors.
  3. Driving Safety Course - This optional 6-hour course covers driving safety/defensive driving techniques.  This course is not required to get your license.
Does your courses include the state-approved DPS written test?

Yes, all of our courses include the state-approved DPS online written exam.

How long are the courses?

Teen Driving (under 18) - 32 Hours of classroom instruction + 14 Hours of in-car instruction (broken down to 7 hours of behind-the-wheel and 7 hours of observation).   An additional 30 hours of behind-the-wheel practice is required outside the course with a parent/guardian.

18-24 Course - 6 Hours of classroom instruction.   In-car instruction is optional.

Driving Safety Course - 5 Hours of instruction + 1 Hour break.

Can I get additional in-car instruction?

Absolutely!  You may purchase as many hours of in-car instruction as you would like.  Each hour of instruction is $50.00.

What happens if I fail a level assessment?

Level assessments must be passed with a score of 70. If you fail a level assessment, you may retake the level assessment again (no additional charge) an unlimited number of times until you pass.

Start Your Course Today!

Teens, start your course today and get your permit after the first 6 hours of instruction!

Thank You!

6 Easy Steps to Complete Driver's Ed and Get Your License.

  • Sign Up

    Sign up for Smart Way Driving's fast and easy Texas State Approved Driver's Ed course.  Be sure to choose either the Teen or Adult Driver's Ed Course.

  • Begin the Classroom Instruction

    Start your classroom instruction, which will be scheduled for 2 hours per day.

  • Take the Written Test

    Complete the course and take our easy written test.  We will then send you your certificate of completion!

  • *Get Your Permit (Teens)

    If taking Teen Course, take all of your forms to the DPS.  Complete your eye exam there, and you will get your Texas Learners Permit!

  • *Continue the Course (Teens)

    Finish taking the classroom portion of the course, and you may begin the in-car instruction.

  • Get your License!

    Once you complete the Texas driver's education course, the only thing left to do is return to the DPS for your driving test.  

Supported Devices

You may take your course on your phone, tablet, laptop, PC, or Mac for our online courses. Any device with a modern browser will allow you to take our class. No need to download bulky apps taking up space on your device. You may also switch between devices as you need to without interruption to your course.

Looking For Defensive Driving?

We also offer a 6 Hour Texas Defensive Driving course for ticket dismissal and insurance discounts.

View Defensive Driving Info

Learn To Drive

Learn to drive with our online parent-taught driver's education course.  Our course can be taken on any device (phone, tablet, PC, Mac), and is approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.  After the first 6 hours of online learning, you will be eligible to get your Learners Permit.  This will allow you to continue the course and start driving with your approved Parent Teacher!

Instant Certificate Delivery

As soon as you pass your online written exam, you will be presented with your certificate of completion for immediate download.  A copy will also be emailed to you.  We will then provide you with a checklist of items you will need to take with you to your local DPS, where you will take your eye exam and obtain your permit.

Free Written Test

Included with your course is the written test for your permit.  No waiting in line at the DPS office!  Simply take and pass our exam, and you will be given a certificate of completion.  Take that with additional paperwork to your local DPS office, where you will take an eye exam and obtain your permit.

Only $29.00

Our parent taught course is currently only $29.00, with no hidden fees.  This includes the 32 hours of online classroom instruction, an observation/behind-the-wheel guide, links to all required paperwork, and the permit exam.